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One 4

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【Vortex X KBtalKing】

Vortex and KBtalKing have joined forces once again to bring you an exceptional wireless full-size keyboard : One 4
Combines excellent craftsmanship with elegant design, this keyboard is a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts!


The pre-order period will close on 1st-July,2023.

The ETA is around the end of July.


Appearance and structure:

‧ ANSI 100% layout (108 keys) including numeric and function areas, suitable for a wide range of input requirements

‧ Dark grey housing made of high-quality ABS material, offering durability and long-lasting use

‧ Keycaps come in two language options: English or bilingual (English and Zhuyin), accommodating different language needs

‧ Utilizes Cherry PBT Dye-sublimation keycaps, which provides durability, comfort, and accuracy. PBT has a higher density and hardness than traditional ABS keycaps and are less prone to wear and fading 

‧ Choose between Gateron G Pro or Cherry MX switches to suit individual typing preferences

‧ Hot-swappable PCB design(PCB thickness : 1.6mm) supports both 3-pin and 5-pin switches, enabling users to easily replace custom switches according to diverse preferences and needs

‧ Comes with an Ixpe switch pad, poron plate foam, and bottom case sound-absorbing foam, which effectively minimizes keystroke noise/vibration and hollow sounds, providing a more solid typing experience

‧ USB-C connection and detachable cable design offer easy cable replacement and device connectivity, providing higher connection stability and reliability

‧ Three-way cable routing management design allows for a tidy and organized desktop space

*The multimedia area's kecaps will come with the phrase "萬事如意" in both US and  US+ZHUYIN versions upon factory release, but not the standard legends.


‧ Supports three types of connectivity: wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz, providing flexible and diverse connection options to suit different work environments



‧ Only Supports on-board macro,enabling users to customize macros and multi-layer configurations, offering a more personalized and flexible typing experience

‧ Two-stage feet design and NKRO function allow users to adjust the keyboard height as needed and enjoy higher keystroke accuracy for a superior typing experience 

‧ Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery with support for fast charging and simultaneous charging and use for stable and reliable battery life

*We recommend keeping the lithium battery charged at all times to prevent decreased battery lifespan or damage caused by prolonged periods of disuse.
Please note that the battery is not covered under our warranty.


Typing Angle:

- No Feet: 6°

- With Feet (First-stage): 8°

With Feet (Second-stage): 12°


System Requirement:

-  Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、Windows 11 & Mac OS


Product Size:

 - L*W*H: 44.0*13.5*3.0 cm± 0.3


Product Weight:

 - 1600 (g) ± 10 (Includes Package And contents)

 - 1000 (g) ± 10 (Does Not Include Package And contents)



- 12 Months



‧ Keyboard
‧ User Manual
‧ USB Type-C Cable
‧ Keycap Puller
‧ Switch Puller
‧ Lithium Battery
‧ RGBY Keycaps And Blank Keycap*4  (Blank Keycaps Are For Multimedia Area)
‧ 2.4G Receiver




※ By purchasing this item, you agree to our Pre-order policy.

※ You may cancel your order at any time during the pre-order period.

Please note that pre-orders cannot be cancelled once the pre-order period has ended or after the pre-order has been closed.

※ To ensure a smooth and successful shipment of your order, please provide your shipping information in English.

※ All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancement.

※ Duties and taxes are not included in shipping fee.

※ After 7 days, we will no longer provide return, refund, and exchange.

※ Any refund is subject to a 4% processing fee to cover for various merchant fees that we ourselves to not get back.

※ Duties and taxes are not included in refunds.


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