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Multix 104 VIA

Multix 104 VIA

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Switch Options

Cherry Blue/Brown/Red/Clear/Milky(white) are all 5-pin switches, Cherry Black/Silver/Silent Red and all Gateron swiches are with 3-pin.
We have added Cherry latest MX2A switch: MX2A Silent Red, and utilize Gateron G Pro 3.0 swicthes.
Check with their websites for more information:

Tactile switch (Bump feeling & quiet operation):
🍋 G Pro Brown
🍒 MX1A Brown
🍒 MX1A Milky( white)
(medium-stiff, tactile, soft-click)

Clicky switch (tactile feedback with an audible click):
🍒 MX1A Blue
🍒 MX1A Clear

Linear (smooth keystroke & no tactile feedback):
🍋 G Pro Yellow
🍋 G Pro Retro-white/white (two-stage springs)
🍋 G Pro Silver (two-stage springs)
🍒 MX1A Red
🍒 MX1A Silver
Silent linear switch:
🍒 MX2A Silent Red


  • Keyboard
  • User Manual
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Additional Keycaps
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller

Typing angle

Without feet: 6°

With feet (first stage): 7°

With feet (second stage): 11°

Size & Weight


44.0*13.5*1.5 cm( front height) ± 0.3

44.0*13.5*3.5 cm( front height) ± 0.3

1250(g) ± 10

System requirement

Windows Mac O.S and Linux

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Preorder starts on Jan 17th ,2024

Estimated Delivery Date : late-June, 2024

100% layout 104 keys

Full size 100% , the most popular and friendly layout for every type of users. Equipped with various function keys and numpad for efficient workflow and number keys typing.

  • Summer

  • Autumn

ANSI layout provides compatibility with features such as split Backspace, split right Shift, 7u spacebar, ISO Enter, stepped Capslock, and standard ISO/ANSI configuration.

ISO layout supports split Backspace and split right Shift.

*Users need to prepare corresponding keycaps and stabilizers

Supports open-source software: VIA (only applicable to VIA Version 3.0).
Accessible either through the VIA official website or by directly downloading the software.
*Please ensure not to enable compatibility with V2 features (using V2 definitions) before uploading the JSON files.
Loading VIA's json files instructions👇
Correct Import Method ↑

Before importing the JSON file, please make sure to switch to wired mode. Otherwise, VIA won't be able to recognize the device, leading to unsuccessful import.

Incorrect Import Method (not switching to wired mode) ↓
Users can change the keycode "a" to keycode "b", or remap any keycodes to perform multimedia functions directly.
Also includes macro and delayed functionalities.
Users can also reprogram the combos set in the original FN layer, including connection pairing and Win Lock function, and so on...

VIA layout

  • ANSI
  • ISO
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