VIA/Vial Json files & QMK firmware

VIA/Vial Json files & QMK firmware



Vortex Github

☑️QMK toolbox

Github (Software download required)

☑️ VIA 

Github  (Software download required)

VIA Official Website (Web version available for direct use)

VIA (WB version/V3.0.0)

VIA 1.3.1 For Windows / VIA 1.3.1 For MacOS

☑️ Vial

Vial Official Website (Web version available for direct use or download the software)


Bin files (QMK firmware)  

⌨️ 𝟲𝟬%

 📌M0110 QMK Version

*Pluse use the Beta version for QMK tool box

➮  M0110 QMK ANSI & ISO (7u/HHKB layout) bin file/firmware

➮  M0110 QMK ANSI & ISO (6.25u/61-key standard layout) binfile/firmware



JSON files 

⌨️ 𝟲𝟬%

📌M0110 QMK version (VIA version: 3.0)

All of the M0110 docs are designed for V3.
Please ensure that do not activate the "Use V2 definitions" option while sideloading the files.
* If using the WB version of VIA, there is no need to load JSON files

➮ M0110 QMK ANSI & ISO (7u/HHKB layout)  json file

➮ M0110 QMK ANSI & ISO (6.25u/61-key standard layout) json file


⌨️ 𝟲𝟱%

📌PC66 QMK version (VIA version: 1.3.1)

 ➮ Json file


📌Hellcat DIY KIT (VIA version: 1.3.1)



⌨️ 𝟴𝟬%

📌Model M SSK KIT (VIA version: 1.3.1)

➮  ANSI 6.25 (WK) json file

➮  ANSI 7 (WKL) json file

➮  ISO 6.25 (WK) json file

➮  ISO 7(WKL) json file

➮  ANSI+ISO (6.25/ 7) json file



Vial uf2 files (firmware) 

 ▎uf2 operation:

Both of the methods below will work:
  1. Press "Fn+Tab" while the keyboard is connected
  2. In a disconnected state, press and hold "ESC", then connect the cable
A USB drive will show on your device, and you can copy /drop the uf2 files into it directly.


📌M0110 QMK version

#As M0110 QMK is certified based on the V3 protocol, Vial protocol has not been updated and is currently not supported.
Once Vial is available, we will provide relevant documentations.



  Uf2 file (ANSI & ISO )


📌PC66 QMK version

  Uf2 file


📌Model M SSK

➮  ANSI 6.25 (WK) uf2 file (firmware)

➮  ANSI 7 (WKL) uf2 file (firmware)

➮  ISO 6.25 (WK) uf2 file (firmware)

➮  ISO 7 (WKL) uf2 file (firmware)

➮  ANSI+ISO (6.25/ 7) solderable uf2 file (firmware)







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