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KBt RE: 66

KBt RE: 66

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User Manual

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-Triple-mode (Wired/Bluetooth 5.1/2.4GHz) for versatile connectivity options, allowing for wired or wireless usage based on personal preferences or requirements

-Programmable via Vortexgear GUi for customizable key assignments and macros, providing enhanced productivity and convenience

-N-Key rollover for advanced key press recognition, enabling users to press multiple keys simultaneously without missing any input

-ANSI layout for standardized key placement, ensuring ease of use and compatibility with various keycap sets

-Gasket mount structure for improved typing experience and reduced typing fatigue, providing a cushioned feel and reduced bottoming-out sound

-FR-4 switch mounting plate for durability and stability, offering a solid foundation for the switches

-Hot-swap PCB (3 Pin and 5 Pin supportable) for easy switch swapping without soldering, allowing for customization and experimentation with different switches

-Silicone dampening pad for reduced key noise and enhanced typing comfort, providing a quieter and more enjoyable typing experience

-OEM profile PBT Dye-Sub keycaps for high-quality key legends that won't fade over time, ensuring long-lasting use and a premium look and feel

-Cherry MX 5 Pin switches (South-Facing) for industry-leading reliability and consistent keystrokes, providing a satisfying typing experience with smooth actuation

-PCB mount stabilizers for stabilized key presses and reduced key wobble, ensuring a stable and consistent typing experience

-USB Type-C connectivity for convenient and reversible device connection, allowing for easy setup and use

-AAA batteries x 2 Required for wireless usage, providing a portable and cordless option for on-the-go typing.


- N/A

System Requirement:

-Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、Mac 10.11 or Newest Version

Product Size:
- L*W*H : 33.0*16.5*3.5 cm ± 0.3

Product Weight:
- 850(g) ± 10

-12 Months


‧ Keyboard
‧ User Manual
‧ USB Type-C Cable
‧ 2.4G Receiver
‧ Additional Keycaps
‧ Keycap Puller
‧ Switch Puller
‧ Hex Key


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