Vortexkeyboard Affiliate Program

Vortex Affiliate Link Program

(Last updated, June 9th 2023)

We are glad to announce that we have finally started the affiliate program!

This program is open for content creators and give creators a chance to partner with us to get commissions. 

You may be questioning why you should be our affiliate partner.

Here are the reasons for your reference. 

  1. Our products are unique and well known in the mechanical keyboard hobby for more than 10 years
  2. High commission rate compare to all the brands out there.
  3. High transparency with mutual understanding and trackable method for each valid sales you make. 
  4. Besides getting paid from us, you are also generating incomes from the video you published. 
  5. The product that you reviewed are in stock products. (If the model is sold out during the collaboration we will notify you and provide you a solution to it.)
  6. We ship worldwide (except countries/region that FedEx and DHL could not reach)

*If the product that you want to receive is a preorder product and you are fine with receiving the prototype, we could discuss the details together.

How to enroll in the affiliate program?


*Need to meet at least two of the circumstances below

1. Have worked with us before 

2. Invited by Vortex team

3. Collaboration request sent to us (vortexkeyboard.cs@gmail.com) and approved by Vortex team

4. Have an active YouTube channel and an active Instagram account

 *In order for us to make sure that the creator will keep his/her promises, we will request the content creator to purchase the product from our website and once the video is published and generated 5 successful purchase, we will refund you the price of the product and shipping fee as well. Duties/taxes that occurred will not be refunded. 


Sign up

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account with the link we provided you
  2. Wait for us to approve and setup the affiliate account 
  3. We will notify you when the account is ready



1.Each successful purchase on the specific product that we agreed on will get a certain amount of commission/payment. 

2. Each Model will have a different rate. 

3. Payment will be done through PayPal only

4. Only the order that has been shipped out will be calculated

5. Payment will be processed Twice. 

    • First time: Successful purchase calculated from the first day till the last day of second month and orders has been shipped out as well. The total amount of commission will be transferred on the first week's business days of third month. (according to Taipei Time)
    • Second time: From the first day of third month to the last day of the last month and will be processed within 30 days or after all the orders have been shipped out to the customers. (according to Taipei Time)
    • If your link valid duration is only one month, the commission will be processed after all the shipments are completed and one-time transfer only. 

6. If the product that you received and published is only available for preorder, payment will be done after all the shipments are completed. 


Valid affiliate link and duration

  1. Each partner will get an affiliate link from us.
  2. The link we provided will be valid up to 6 months. (At least 1 month)

For example, If the link is valid for 6 months, the video was published on June 5th, the link will start at June 5th and ends on December 5th 24:00 Taipei time. 

  1. During these months, only each successful order on the specific product that we agree on will be counted. 
  2. The link could be apart of the video you publish on any platform you have. (make the most of it)
  3. The creator should notify us beforehand on when you will publish the video since the link will start on the date decided. 


Affiliate Rules and Requests 

  1. Promote Vortexkeyboard in valid channels and methods.
  2. Link should be provided to the viewers in the video description or your linktree.
  3. The video that the creator published should not be hateful, untruthful or biased. 
  4. If our team found out that content of the video is hateful, untruthful or biased, your affiliate link will be canceled immediately, account will be suspended and will not receive any commission even if there are customer who have purchased the product from your link. 
  5. Collaboration related details should not be disclosed to anyone. 
  6. Refund of the product and shipping fee will happened after the video generated at least 5 successful purchase. 



1. All payment will only be done through PayPal. 

2. Product payment/commission rate are not negotiable. 

3. Commission that was counted in the affiliate account is based on the product that we agreed on, it doesn’t include customer's shipping fee and taxes.

4. Commissions for returns, refunds and voided orders will be canceled if they occur

5. Only orders that were shipped out to the customers are counted. 

6. The sales you made that you see on the dashboard are product price+shipping fee